C.B. F., Raleigh, N. C, sends a cabbage leaf. Along the stout midrib of the leaf, a large number of leafy processes, as if small leaf blades have appeared, seeming like smaller leaves growing from the larger one, and giving the rib a pretty fringed appearance. Some of these little leaves branch out into stalks with small heads like Cauliflower points, and, indeed, one can see that with a little more development they would be flowers. It affords a very interesting illustration of the morphological fact, that all the parts of a plant are but modified leaves, for here is a leaf doing all that an ordinary Cabbage stalk or stem could do. The Cauliflower, by-the-way, is from the same wild plant that the Cabbage originally came from. Our correspondent says that nearly all the leaves on the one Cabbage were like to this one.