This well-known Seedsman of New York, died at New Canaan, Conn., on July 10th. Mr. Fleming was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1833, and was consequently forty-five years of age. He was an excellent type of the best class of Scotch Gardeners, an educated, intelligent man, thoroughly versed, not only in the varied details of all the branches of Horticulture, but was besides an excellent botanist; but his character was so innately modest, unassuming and unpretentious, that only his most intimate friends were aware of his varied acquirements. Mr. Fleming was a resident in and about New York for the past twenty years. For some five years he had charge of the fine collection of Orchids and other plants of Mayor "Van Vorst of Jersey City, N. J., which some fifteen years ago was one of the finest in the country. From there he started the Seed business in New York City, in partnership with Wm. J. Davidson; subsequently Mr. Davidson sold out his interest to Peter Henderson and for five years the firm of Henderson & Fleming did a large business, particularly with private gardeners with whom Mr. Fleming was a special favorite, as he never failed to use his influence to help them to new positions - or encourage-them with hopeful words and sound advice when he could do no more.

The firm of Henderson & Fleming was dissolved in 1872, and Mr. Fleming continued the business alone until six months ago, when failing health, and other causes, induced him to retire from active life to his Connecticut farm, where death came far sooner than his many friends expected. Few men of his age were better known to the gardeners of New York than James Fleming, and certainly none were more beloved. Open-handed, open-hearted, genial and hearty always, he will long be remembered by scores of poor fellows into whose plodding lives he threw many a gleam of sunshine. Few men die to whom the grand words of Fitzgreene Halleck are more appropriate than to James Fleming: -

" Green be the turf above thee, Friend of my early days,

None knew thee, but to love thee:

None named thee but to praise." X.