M. C, Cuyahoga Falls, 0., writes: "I send, to-day, by mail, some Strawberry plants that are damaged by a little white worm that feeds on the bark of the roots; also some of the worms. They made their appearance in this neighborhood about five years ago, and are much more numerous now. We are under the necessity of setting out a new plantation every year, as we can only raise one crop of fruit before the patch gets rained. Some varieties seem to be injured far more than others. The Duncan and Springdale are almost ruined, while the Capt. Jack, New Dominion aud Crescent Seedling are but slightly damaged. I shall be glad if you or any of the readers of the Gardener's Monthly can give us a remedy".

[The appearances were not familiar to us. Send a few of the insects next year to Prof. Riley, Washington, D. G]