Dogwood Timber

It is found that the timber of Cornus florida, our common Dogwood, is quite equal to Box Wood for some pupo3es to which, in England, Box Wood has been wholly in use; and there is an annually increasing demand for it on America. Recently one of the American Line steamers from Philadelphia carried out four hundred and fifty logs of it among its cargo; and a number go with many others.

Sycamore Timber

The "Sycamore" of English forestry is the Acer pseudo-platanus. In this country we call it Sycamore Maple, to avoid confusing it with the Sycamore or Button-wood. The Journal of Forestry says the timber is highly prized in Lancashire for cloth-finishing rollers in machinery, and is rather scarce. The trunks of four trees, containing only 200 cubic feet, on the estate of the Earl of Wilton, recently sold for $I25, which is considered very high for timber in England.

Big Trees In Australia

These do not seem to be confined to Blue Gums. The Nelson Daily Times of New Zealand states that a gigantic Black Birch tree was felled recently by a surveyor's party at Staley Creek, near Ahaura. It is stated to have measured fifty-seven feet in circumference at the butt. But this "Black Birch" must not be confounded with the American Black Birch - Betula rubra - though that sometimes grows to a very large size.

Notes On Tree-Planting

Prof. C. S. Sar-gant. Director of the Botanic Garden and Arboretum of Harvard University, has issued a very interesting pamphlet on the subject. He remarks on the Red Pine,"Wild Black Cherry"

Ulmus Racemosa

Ailanthus,with minor notes on other timber trees.

Birnam Woods

Every reader of Shakespeare knows all about Birnam woods, as mentioned in Macbeth. From the Journal of Forestry we learn that three of the trees are yet standing - two Oaks and one Plane tree - they being over 1000 years old. Yet they are not extra large for their age. The Oak is 18 feet, and the Plane 19 feet 8 inches.

Oak Staves

Louisiana and Mississippi are asking why some Northern men do not come down there and go into the oak stave business, instead of building up these industries in the West, as the Oak is so abundant in these States. It seems a strange question to ask. People generally go where they see other people making money.

Coffee In California

The Los Angeles Express says that Badillo Brothers, of that place, have fruited the genuine Arabian Coffee, but that the success was not proportionate to the labor and expense attending it.