J. D., Bridgeport, Conn., writes : "I send you by post two flowers of a variety of Amaryllis, said to be found growing wild near St. Johns, Florida. Will you please let us know through your Monthly what you know of the variety, etc".

[As far as we could judge from a flower it appears to be Amaryllis Johnsoni. It is not a native of Florida; if wild the original must be an escape from some garden. It is very double, beautiful, and ought to be a valuable florists' flower. - Ed. G. M].

After reading Virgil's account of Amaryllis, it is not surprising some should find her a coquettish damsel. Still H. M. Worcester, Norfolk, Virginia, desires to make her acquaintance, and if the gentleman who sent us a specimen of her double-faced doings lately, will send his address to him he would take it as a favor.