As-most gardeners know, the best of the Double Geraniums have a ragged and confused set of petals. In English works, Ethel Beale is introduced to us as one for the first time presenting a regularly elegant form. The following is the description given:

One of the most beautiful and distinct Double Geraniums in cultivation, with clusters of brilliant-colored flowers, resembling the finest Double Balsam in perfection of outline. The petals are evenly and perfectly reflexed, and the immense trusses of bloom present a most unique and charming appearance.

The color of the flowers is rich pink, shading off to brilliant crimson, reflex of petals silvery-white, and the perfectly developed form of the flowers, combined with its remarkably free habit, makes it a most valuable acquisition as an exhibition plant, or for cut blooms. It is undoubtedly far before any other of its class, and we recommend it with the utmost confidence to all Geranium growers. It is particularly well adapted for market work.

Mrs. E. B. H., Michigan City, Ind., says: - "Can thee give any information as to the best method of cleaning plants of lice (green). I am very much troubled with them upon my pot plants and those in the garden beds as well".

[In most cases syringing with soapy water is the best way of getting rid of Aphides. There are washes of various kinds, but a powerful syringe is generally equal to the work, and little preparation is required for its use. See the article of Dr. Channing in this month's issue. It has rela tion to scale and mealy bug chiefly, but may be useful against other insects. - Ed. G. M].