Mr. R. J. Black, Fairfield County, Ohio, writes: " I saw a few specimens of Dyehouse, the culinary cherry recently brought to notice, and which for many years has been giving such excellent satisfaction in central Kentucky. After fruiting it for several years, I may say that I am very much pleased with it. Not only is the quality very good, but it bears well. You will notice the kind is very small, exceeding even Shannon in this respect. It is probably the most valuable of all Cherries for the South; and is very desirable anywhere. Tree grows well".

We are much indebted to our correspondent for the opportunity to see this variety. They had a curious experience in reaching us - and that they finally came well to hand after a week of fight with the government, is a great deal in their favor. Our correspondent put up the box in strict accord with the strictest rulings of the post office department; and not to rob the ■government even of a penny message, wrote the name on a penny postal card, which was slipped under the wrapping twine, so that all might come together. The ruler decided that this subjected the whole to letter postage. We grumbled at this heavy sum, for a few cherries, whereupon the package was retained by the government. We appealed to the government, protesting that there was no writing contained in the parcel or on the wrapper, and that the postal card was entirely independent, and could easily have got under the string by the motion of a mail bag. Then we were informed that we were to be fined, not because the postal card was attached to the box, but because the box was attached to the postal card. Then we took the trouble to show that this also was untenable, and finally our good government acknowledged itself wrong, and the dear little cherries were restored to us.

It is high time that this nonsense about writing on or in a package, when at best the government could not be cheated out of more than a penny postal, was abolished. When a written letter cost a quarter, there was some sense in it, but it is ridiculous now.