A correspondent of the Garden has the following answer to an inquiry:

" Amaryllis Belladonna for flowering in pots should be treated somewhat the same as Val-lota purpurea. After flowering it should have plenty of water, and should be nearly shut up in a close, frame until it has made good flowering bulbs for the next season; then it should be gradually dried off". It does best out of doors, but to grow and flower it well the bulbs should be planted about six inches deep in a good rich border in the full sun, where they may remain for years without being transplanted, and will produce an abundance of flowers. Amaryllis vittata should be treated precisely the same as other Amaryllises. Nerines also require much the same treatment as Amaryllises; they flower chiefly in Autumn, and if properly dried off", the flowers are thrown up before the foliage. As soon as the flowering is over, the plants should be placed in a close frame and kept well syringed, so as to make good flowering bulbs for the following season".

Some of our Baltimore gardeners must know how to flower them, as there were very fine specimens in bloom at the exhibition of the Maryland Horticultural Society, during the meeting of the American Pomological Society.