I pot all the plants at one time, that is in a compost of turfy loam and sand, well mixed together; let the compost lie at least two months before using, in a dry place, and at the time of potting I place through the compost pieces of cow-dung, well dried, as large as walnuts, using pots according to the size of plants wanted, well drained; the draining must be complete or failure follows. After all is potted, which I do about the middle or latter part of May, I place the plants in a small house; close all ventilators. I admit no air but only once a week to let the foul air escape. Here I keep the plants saturated with water until the 15th of September, when I partially withhold water until the end of the month, when I remove all the plants to a cool, airy place, so that the leaves in some shape or other assume a yellowish cast; but the plants must not be allowed to shrivel. About the middle of November I take one or two or more, as according to what stock I may have, and introduce them into heat, and do so at an interval of six to ten weeks. This is all that I know of the Eucharis to make it flower the entire year.

I do not pot my plants every year; I allow them now four to six years in the same pot, if the drainage is good.