Very few who are unacquainted with the art of budding will believe how rapidly it can be performed by experts. Some twenty years ago when I first commenced the nursery business it was thought that a man who budded 2000 Peach trees in a day was very expert, and if he did more than that many, he must slight his work. The number has been gradually increased, until now we can find occasionally a man who can bud 5000 trees in a clay of ten hours. The largest amount I have ever heard of was done by our men the past season. My brother and two young men in our employ, with three tiers, six in all, budded and tied 40, 800 Peach trees in three days of ten hours each. I have occasionally heard of a large number set in one day, but this is the largest number I have ever known budded in the time. If any one knows of better work than this, please report.