T. G. A., Milwaukee, Wis., writes : "Camellias, Azaleas and Oranges; this class of plants do not appear to do well here. Florists and others get them in a very good condition from the East, but a few years generally uses them up. I have got some from Mr. Buist, and others have some from Mr. Dick and other florists, all of which came in tolerable good condition, but they are now in three years nearly worthless. In fact, I have seen none in"Wisconsin in a good, healthy condition. The same may be said of the Rhododendron. Is the cause attributable to atmosphere, or soil? I believe it would be of great service to many gardeners here, to get some light on the matter through the Gardener's Monthly.

[Years gone by, the Editor has seen excellent Camellias at Milwaukee. No doubt it is but some temporary and local cause that those you refer to do not do well. It is probably no permanent cause. - Ed. G. M].