No doubt many of your numerous readers, who have interests outside of the greenhouse and potting-shed, will be pleased with your department of Forestry.

This is a branch of industry which has been far too much neglected, and yet it is one that requires an extensive range of knowledge, which, unfortunately, has not yet, in our country, been brought to bear upon it. An increasing interest is, however, apparent among the people. This is manifestly the case in the Western or prairie States, where, in the horticultural societies, Forestry vies with Pomology in the rank assigned to it. Your prairie farmer soon learns the benefits conferred by groves and shelter belts.

Your readers may be glad to know that this matter gave rise to a very spirited discussion before the American Nurserymen's Association, at their meeting last June in Chicago. This resulted in the appointment of a large committee, who were charged with the duty of preparing a memorial to Congress, asking that a commission be appointed to visit, study, and report fully upon the forests of Europe. That memorial has been presented to both houses of Congress, and, with a bill providing for its proper execution, referred to the appropriate committees.

It is earnestly hoped by the memorialists especially since the matter has received the endorsement of the Secretary of the Interior, that Congress will soon act in the matter and make a suitable appropriation for the commission.

The several agronomic associations, especially those of the"Western States, now holding their annual winter meetings, are warmly endorsing the action of the memorialists, and urging their delegates in Congress to lend the project then-hearty support; so that it is hoped that the bill now before Congress may become a law; then, if the President be fortunate in finding a suitable nominee, we may anticipate a good and useful report, that will convey to the people a vast deal of really valuable and practicable information upon this branch of agriculture that is, as yet, a terra incognita to us.