In your March number J. M. says "it would be interesting to know the farthest Northern point that Willow Oak (Quercus Phellos) has been found growing wild. For the information of your correspondent and readers, I may state that this oak is common near Washington, Middlesex county, N. J. Two trees near that village are each between GO and 70 feet in height, and nearly 3 feet in diameter. I do not recollect ever seeing this tree elsewhere in the central or northern parts of this State. There are said to be several near Mt. Holly. I think that at each of these localities the tree is limited to a comparatively small area.

Your note on a large cherry tree, page 18, January number, suggests a measurement which I made of a wild cherry tree (Prunus Pennsyl-vanica) growing on the roadside, about a mile south of Warwick, Orange county, N. Y. This tree, three feet above the ground, had a circumference of 17 feet 7 inches. It is one of the largest trees which I have seen in that part of New York, and the adjacent Highlands of New Jersey.