Those whose education reaches no further than what they see in the papers, must have a happy time in knowing what to believe. Take this, for instance:

" It is reported from Texas, sprigs of Pine, Holly, Dogwood, Elm, Ash, Walnut, Apple and Peach have been grafted on a Texas Oak tree, and grew right along as though nothing has happened. Taken altogether, they constitute the most remarkable "happy family" of the horticultural kingdom".

Then we have been told on the very best authority that "Portugal is nearly destitute of timber, having only 4.40 of its acreage under trees." And now comes Mr.W.B. Hemsley, and he says of Portugal:

"Woods of Pinus pinaster cover altogether an area of nearly 40, 000 acres, and P. Pinea between 5000 and 6000 acres, and the timber is more costly than Pine wood imported from the north of Europe. Great and successful efforts are being made to increase the area of forests".

If we have 45, 000 acres of these two species alone, we would not be surprised if the woody area did not foot up handsomely when other trees are taken in.