I am inclined to say a good thing for our season and crops in Iowa, up to this 8th of July. Never had a better season for Strawberries. Some places they were injured by frost while in bloom. The wet weather through the entire month of June prolonged their harvest, and weakened their market down to seven and eight cents retail. And by the 15th of June the Raspberries came; they are also holding out yet We have for Blackcaps, Doolittle and Mam. moth Cluster, Red, Philadelphia and Turner. There is not much difference in the quantity produced by the above fruit; but the Turner is so much superior in quality, that they bring from twenty to thirty-three per cent, higher, where the market has once got a taste of them. They stand our Winters better than any Red Raspberry I ever had. Our strawberries are Wilson, Greene Prolific, Turner, Charles Downing, Kentucky. A new one originating at Waterloo, Iowa, called Red Jacket, very productive, which I intend to try next year, also Crescent.

Cherries very abundant, at $1.00 to $1.50 per bushel. They are Early Richmond, and Late English Morello. The later is equally hardy and productive with E. R.; but a far better cherry, two to three weeks later, thus prolonging the season.

Grapes promise abundant. Apples and peaches, only medium.

The weather is hot, 90°; and haying and harvests at hand, with bountiful crops.