This should always lie done after sun-down or in dull, cloudy weather, to avoid burning or scorching the plants. The fumigator which I use is six inches in diameter, and is simply an iron ring formed of three-eigths of an inch round iron; it stands on three legs (of same material) each three inches high. One fumigator is sufficient for about 600 square feet of glass, and the method of using is as follows: As much wood shavings as can be held in the closed hand is laid on the floor, (if the floor is of wood or any inflamable material it will be necessary to lay a piece of slate or tin first), and lighted, the fumigator is then placed over it and a good sized bunch of tobacco stems, which should be previously moistened with water to prevent blazing, on top. The greenhouse can then be shut up tight, and the apparatus will then take care of itself. This method is quite effectual and does not melt the operator to tears, which cannot be said of fumigating as it is carried on in some establishments.