J. L. R., St. Joseph, Mo., writes: - "With this mail I forward the bloom of a plant for identification. You will see I have been dissecting it. I would send you a perfect bloom if I could procure it. The leaves are rather thick and leathery. The bark bears a strong resemblance to the common Alder, having a verucose appearance; the plant bloomed finely, and is just through. If it were not for my short attention to Botany and thinking myself incompetent, I would class it in the Madder family".

[We give this letter entire, as an encouragement to young Botanists to persevere with their structural investigations, for this young man has come near the mark in placing it in the Rubia-ceae or madder family, the relics of the flower he sends, showing it to belong to one of the large-flowered tropical Gardenia's. - Ed. G. M].