Another box has panes of glass slid into groved mouldings, which form oblong panels along the front and ends of each box. These glass panels are embellished in various ways. A truly artistic taste, satisfied only with genuine art work, will paint each one, and for this purpose educated and skillful hands are not required, but tube colors applied to a design, placed beneath the glass, whether it be a landscape, groups of flowers or fruit, or geometrical figures, will appear quite imposing when finished.

Glass Panels 49

Take, for instance a floral design place it beneath the glass, then mix some colors with varnish (using a China plate or piece of glass if a palette is not convenient), then with a fine camel's hair pencil, outline the various leaves and flowers with its own peculiar color; next take proper colors and make all veins, lines and fine tracery of grasses, etc, then put on the colors, each one mixed with copal. "When done and dry, paint over the whole with black, giving two or three coats, then allow to dry, and upon reversing the glass panel, your design will appear before you in all the brilliant tints you applied, reflected back by means of the black ground.

Glass Panels 50Glass Panels 51Glass Panels 52

If desired unusually brilliant, the colors should be mixed with Demar and tin-foil put over certain flowers, while the paint is still "tacky".

The most wonderfully brilliant effects can be secured by this process, and the rich, transparent tints, reflected back from the brightly planished foil, every shade of tone is made to yield its otherwise concealed beauty, making these panels, equally beautiful, as the gorgeous, Oriental-glass-painting of the Chinese. We also use transfers of various kinds for these panels, and with great satisfaction, for they offer an easy and effective means of securing good resuls, at small cost of labor or money.

Glass Panels 53

[We give again with this number some of the patterns of Messrs. Gleason, referred to in Mrs. Jones' articles. - Ed. G. M].