Art article with the above heading in the September number of the Monthly, by Mr. Bustrin, of Dallas, Texas, is entirely wrong in its statements about what I have published on the culture of Apples, Grapes and Raspberries in Texas. I never said or wrote that Northern Apple trees would not grow in Texas, but I did say that to succeed well with the Apple in the warmer portions of Texas, it is of the greatest importance to get Southern varieties from reliable Southern nurseries. This much and no more, and I repeat it. By the warmer portions of the State I mean the latitude of Austin and southward to the Gulf.

I know just as well as Mr. Bustrin that Northern Apples often do very well in northern Texas, where there are many fine Apple orchards, and I have alluded to some of them in my reports on the geological and agricultural survey of the State. Nor did I publish, that Grapes will not succeed well in Texas. Far from it. I think there is no part of the United States which has greater advantages for Grape culture than Texas. With regard to Raspberries, I stated that the black caps did well in this vicinity and that other kinds did not. This is all. I know this to be true from repeated trials. I presume other kinds do well in the northern portion of the State.

In one of the numbers of the Monthly, I saw your remark, that according to Prof. Buckley's report, Grapes did not succeed well in Texas. What does the Prof, think to be the matter? Let him come to Dallas, I will show him successful vineyards, in spite of all the wet weather past, though at the same time 1 will show him Grapes of the Vitis vinifera which have all rotted.

Further, his remarks on Red Raspberries being a failure. Does the Prof, know that from his own experience, or has he read that in catalogues ? Further: the Prof, says that Apple trees will not grow unless from Southern nurseries. I would advise him to acclimate his soil first, by frequent stirring, the hot sun is very much needed on it, and then select such varieties as are best suited for the climate, no matter where they are grown, but he must give his order to nurserymen; not to men who know not how to handle a tree.