A correspondent writes to the editor: " Your correction of Mr. Hovey is just and well-timed. But does not my good friend know that he has, lo ! these many years, been planting seeds of Gymnocladus, gathered at Wyck (Miss Haines), from one of the original trees, grown from seeds brought in by the botanist Nuttall, who gave them to a little ten-year old gardener, who germinated them in his corner, his so-called botanic garden, near the Falls of Schuylkill, and that was more than half a century agone - long enough to supply the whole neighborhood with this interesting tree. By-the-way, do you know of the beauty and value of its product as a hardwood for joinery ? Come and see some panels in a new stone house here-away. If you don't know the above facts, don't blame me".

The beautiful tree on the grounds of Miss Haines, referred to by our correspondent, we believe is an anomaly in never perfecting seeds. Small pods are produced with nothing in them. At least the writer examined them several seasons and found them in this condition; possibly at other times they may be perfect.