Honey Locust is a beautiful, hardy tree, well suited to our soil and climate. The seed should be gathered as soon as ripe in the Fall, and kept in moist sand till Spring, and then planted about two inches deep. The seed should be soaked in warm water till it begins to swell, before planting. Osage Orange is one of the most valuable trees we can cultivate. It makes a tolerably rapid growth. It is a hardy tree, easily propagated. and the wood is exceedingly tough, hard and durable, making good fuel, and the timber is of great value whenever strength and durability are required. For the manufacture of wagons and farm machinery, it is said to be the best timber in the world. In its native forests in Texas, it makes a tree two and one-half to three feet in diameter, and sixty feet high. It is usually cheapest to buy the plants at one or two years old, of growers.