The eleventh annual meeting of this institution was held at Parsons, on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of December, 1877.

Several gentlemen from Missouri, and a lady from Illinois, favored us with their presence, and participated in the exercises of the meeting Each year new recruits are enlisted, and we hope the Society's field of usefulness is enlarged 'Only eight years ago the place of meeting was the home of the Osage Indians. Consequently the orchards are young, and but few apples could be shown that were grown an the immediate vicinity of Parsons. But the older counties were not behind in displaying the products of their orchards for the pleasure and instruction of those attending the meeting. I think there were perhaps no finer apples shown at the Centennial Exhibition by Kansas than were seen upon the tables of the Society here at home.

One of the most interesting subjects during the meeting was"The New Early Peaches in Kan. sas," which was introduced by a special report by a member of the Society, and discussed at length by nearly every one present. Amsden, Alexander, and Early Beatrice take the lead now, as the newer varieties have not yet fruited here. There are at least fifty new seedlings reported from different parts of the State that are perhaps as good as Amsden or Alexander. Do not be surprised if Kansas takes the early peach prize yet.

The result of the discussion on the cherry was similar to that of former years - that the Early Richmond and other varieties of the Morello family are the only kinds that succeed in our State. All the Mazzards, the Biggareau, and even the Kentish varieties are almost a total failure here. The trees die from sun-scald, or some such disease.

Vegetable gardening occupied an important part of the meeting. The use of the horse was strongly urged in place of so much hand-hoeing, as is common. Even in our rich, and in some cases loose soil, underdraining is thought to be •almost indispensable to a good garden.

There were many valuable papers on the various subjects connected with horticulture, which •were quite fully discussed. All these will appear in the report of the Society for 1877, which will be published within a few months; and if any of the readers of this little sketch feel interested enough, and will send to G. C. Bracket, Lawrence, who is secretary, he will receive a copy of the same as soon as published.

The officers elected for the current year are for President, Prof. E. Gale, of Manhattan".

Vice-President, Robert Milliken, of Emporia; Secretary, G. C. Brackett, of Lawrence; Treasurer, F. Wellhouse, of Leavenworth; Trustees, H. E. Vandeman, of Geneva; E. P. Diehl, of Olathe; G. Y. Johnson, of Lawrence.