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Such are some of the statistics which I have been able to gather, but it is hoped that the response of our own Vice-Presidents to our circular will make the report of our resources more complete.

In view of the wonderful progress which has already been made, we begin to realize the great importance of American Pomology, nor should we forget, as among the great benefits of fruit culture, the employment of thousands of men, women and children, or the immense amounts paid for freight on fruits to railroads, steamboats, etc., and the profits to dealers.

But who can estimate the amazing quantities of fruits that are to be produced on this continent, when the lands suited to fruit culture are brought into use! Look at the vast amount of these in the eastern slope of our country, and still more wonderful, the land on the Pacific slope. Of these, California alone has a territory 800 miles in length and 200 in breadth - three times as large as all of the New England States - four times as large as the State of New York or Pennsylvania, having millions of acres for fruit cultivation.