Captain Chas. II. Snow writes: " In an article in the September number of the Gardener's Monthly I am credited with an article on Horticulture in Maryland. The article in the American Farmer was from the pen of the editor, Mr. Wm. B. Sands, the very efficient Secretary of the Horticultural Society of Maryland. I read an article before the Society on the advance of floriculture in the last fifty years, and Mr. Sand's article was written to show what part Baltimore floriculturists had taken in it.

"I see you have altered my spelling of 'Epidendron.' I know that it is spelt Epidendrum, and that spelling has become choice. It comes from the Greek, epi, upon and dendron a tree, and takes the same termination as Philodendron, Leuoa-dendron and Rhododendron. I write this to show you that I know what I was about when I spelled it ' Epidendron.' It is no use to let a palpable error go on forever".

[Classically, our correspondent is right; but botanical authors seem justified under certain botanical canons in using Epidendrum.-ED.G.M].