R., New York City, asks: "What has been on an average the result of Hyacinth forcing this year; do they all remain behind the general run, or is it more, so in those regions of our country where the winter has been wet and the skies over? cast? I have taken a short trip over the West last month, and found the Dutch Hyacinths very backward. Around here I have hardly yet seen what to call a, fine blooming specimen. The same report I read in the last number of the London Gardener's Chronicle. I can only ascribe it to the blight which damaged the foliage of the Dutch Hyacinth last May, before the bulb had time to fully develop and mature. The Dutchmen themselves did not seem to know what to make of it, when I saw them last June, as they said the oldest growers did not recollect such an event. They certainly appeared very much cast down about their prospects to raise a large crop-for this season; and so far I hear it corroborated, that fewer Hyacinth bulbs have been planted in Holland last fall, for the season of 1878, than has been done in other years.

Other bulbs 1 saw, were doing well on an average".

[No flowers have bloomed as well generally this winter as usual, perhaps owing to the absence of snow. The more light the more flowers; the more snow generally the more light We merely offer this as a guess. - Ed. G. M].