Reports for 1877-78: This does not appear to be strong in members, but is doing good work. Besides much that is interesting to Horticulturists in every branch of the art of gardening, the Strawberry as it should be grown in Kentucky, receives particular attention.

The District of Columbia Horticultural Society, was recently organized, Wm. Saunders, occupying the Chair, and J. T. C. Clark, acting as Secretary of the meeting; John A. Baker, President; John Saul, Thos. W. Fowler and Edwin Cammack, Vice Presidents; C. A. Ball, Recording Secretary; B. S. Curtiss, Corresponding Secretary; J. T. C. Clark, Treasurer; Ex-Com., John Saul, D. J. Saunders, Geo. Glorius, Michel Esch and J. S. Judd, with the President, Secretaries and Treasurer, as ex-officio members of the Committee; Wm. Saunders, Mat. Hagerty, J. K. Kerr, elected a Committee on Finance.