M. A.

S., Baltimore, asks: " Why are these called Lady Washington Pelargoniums? I find no reference to any such in Paxton's Dictionary".

[When botanists came to calling all garden Geraniums Pelargoniums, the people had to make some distinction for convenience sake. The old scarlet Geraniums are now Zonale Pelargoniums, and many other"Pelargoniums" - and this Pelargonium - the old Pelargonium of the florists, had no distinctive name. It had long been known among American market-people as the " Washington Geraniums," and the florists seem to have caught it up as a convenience. It is an American issue, and not likely to be in " Paxton;" but there is no more reason why it is not legitimate to call them by this name as for a section to be called"Regal" or any other name in England. - Ed. G. M].