W., West Philadelphia, writes :"Having occasion to have use for some boxwood recently, I found it very dear; I suppose it grows too slow to make a profit in our country, for I have noticed some edgings here in an old garden that are no higher now than they were twenty years ago. When in Rome, a few years ago, I was shown some work made out of wood of the lemon tree that was considered almost as good as if made from box; and I venture to make the suggestion that a plantation of lemon trees for the sake of the wood, to say nothing of the fruit, would be profitable. In the black, peaty soils of New Jersey it ought to grow very fast. The lemon tree is generally grown in rooms and tubs about here, but it would no doubt do well out if tried. Can you tell me of any experiments that have been made in this direction ?" [We know of no such experiment, and have not the slightest idea that it would succeed. We are surprised that our correspondent sent this communication to us. It was no doubt intended for some of the daily newspapers.

Ed. G. M].