The practice of having instructive talks about the objects exhibited we are pleased to see is growing. At the Feb. meeting of this Society Mr. Win. Fraser, who has demonstrated in the conservatory at Patterson Park, how in practice the best results are obtained in plant growth, read an excellent paper, on this interesting subject tracts in our next. Mr. Pentland made a spirited little speech, bearing rather severely on the deficiency of floral display and taste in Baltimore as compared with some other cities; and the President, Mr. Perot, made some remarks on the adaptation of gloxinias, achimenes and similar subjects, to the ornamentation of the greenhouse in summer.

The committee gave a special commendation to a seedling Carnation"Waverly," shown by August Hoen, for its large and brilliant flowers, free-blooming qualities and great fragrance; to James Pentland for his seedling Camelia,"Stonewall Jackson," exhibited for the first time, of good form and color and beautifully variegated; to W. D. Brackenridge for a specimen in flower of Mahonia japonica; to S. Feast & Sons for cut Camellias, Roses, Pansies and White Hyacinths; to Captain Snow for fine display of Orchid blooms; to Robt. J. Halliday for a general collection, including a fine Pandanus Veitchii; and to Patterson Park (Wm. Fraser, Supt.) for a handsome and well-filled table, including notably well-grown specimens of Phajus Wallachi, Abutilons John Hopkins and Darwinii, etc.

The meeting of the 24th was well attended by the public, and well sustained by the exhibitors. A perpetual blooming Magnolia, M. Sempertlo-rens, was exhibited by Mr. W. D. Brackenridge. The following are the names of the leading exhibitors: James Pentland, Archibald Brackenridge, John Feast, Cromwell & Congdon, Wm. Fraser, Andrew L. Black, Samuel Feast & Sons, N. F. Flitton, Robt. Patterson, Ernest Hoen, R. W. L. Rasin, Captain Snow, Wm. H. Perot, Robt. J. Halliday, August Hoen, Chas. Kemp. Jr., Mrs. A. H. Fields.