Orchid Culture. At a meeting of this society, held July 20th, numerous specimens of Orchids exhibited showed that these pretty flowers are popular. Spikes of Dendrobium filiforme and Cattleya Dowiana, exhibited by F. L. Ames, received the first premium. A gratuity was awarded to James Cartwright for spikes of Cattleya Loddigesii, and to James Comly for Cym-bidium aloefolium. For his Cattleya Dowiana, F. L. Ames was awarded a silver medal.

At the meeting on March 2d the best winter pear exhibited was decided to be the Beurre D'Anjou, from J. V. Wellington; the next best winter variety from the same. C. E. Grant's Baldwins were the best winter apples. Mr John E. Barker received a vote of thanks on his retirement from long and active service as chairman of the Floral Committee. A testimonial of three crayon photographs of himself was presented to Mr.Park-man for his distinguished services to Horticulture. Hon. M. P. Wilder presented a copy bound of all his speeches and addresses.

The president read the following letter, which had been received by him:

' The undersigned, intrusted in advancing a practical taste for floriculture, especially among the children of the laboring classes, desire that the Massachusetts Horticultural Society shall offer prizes for window gardening, and conduct all the business of advertising, exhibiting and awarding prizes necessary to insure success".

Signed, Rufus Ellis.

Henry W. Foote. C. A. Bartol.

It was voted that the Committee on Plants and flowers, with Mrs. J. W. Wolcott, Mrs. C. N. S. Horner and Mrs. E. M. Gill, be a special committee to establish and award prizes, for window gardening, agreeably to the above communication.

Premium list for 1878, from the Secretary, Mr. Robert Manning. $4,575, and are appropriated.

Liberal premiums are offered for essays on various Horticultural subjects.