This was formerly quite a large genus, but Lycaste, Promennoea, Paphinia, Bifie-naria, and several others have been taken from it, and shorn it of some of its best species. It has, however, a few good species left. All the Maxillaria that I have seen, have bulbs about 1 inches long, flattish, with one smooth leaf on the bulb.

Maxillaria Grandiflora

Grows about one foot high; the flowers are pure white in the sepals and petals; lip, purple and yellow.

Maxillaria Venusta

Has also a white flower; lip, white with lemon yellow and red, sometimes nearly all yellow. Both Maxillaria grandiflora and Maxillaria venusta bloom in early spring, and are desirable.

Maxillaria Picta

Has small flowers, yellowish white, spotted chocolate.