Loelia Anceps

This is the finest of the Mexican Laelias. It has bulbs from four to six inches long, (with one stiff leaf, sometimes, but rarely two.) The flower stem is from two to three feet long, with from three to five flowers three to four inches diameter. Sepals and petals rosy lilac, lip purple with yellow center; blooms in Winter. Loelia anceps delicata, whitish sepals and petals, and purple lip. There are many varieties of L. anceps, differing slightly in size and shade of color.

Loelia Albida

Loelia Albida, (Mexico), has small bulbs about two inches long. Two short stiff leaves, and flower stems from twelve to eighteen inches long. The flowers from three to six in number, are white with a yellow streak in the center of the lip; flowers two inches in diameter. There are several varieties of this orchid. It and all the Mexican Laelias are compact in growth, taking up but little room which makes them very desirable, as the blooms last thirty days, if kept dry.

Loelia Autumnalis

In growth, much like L. albida, but stronger, sepals and petals lilac purple, lip rose and white; blooms in November and December; flowers about three inches in diamater.

Loelia Acuminata

Flatfish bulbs; flowers white with dark spot on the lip. There are some varieties, with rosy blush flowers and are called L. erubescens.

Loelia Majalis

Has small bulbs, and makes its bloom with the young growth, and the flowers are very large for the size of the plant. It makes seldom over one bloom to a bulb, which is of a rose color, with a lighter lip. I have succeeded in blooming this Laelia but once. It requires the bulbs to be strong, and a good season of rest. Does best on a block with moss.

Loelia Superbiens

Guatemala. This is a very strong grower. The bulbs are often nearly a foot long, and flower stems from four to six feet long, surmounted by nearly a dozen flowers from four to six inches in diameter; color, rose variegated; lip purplish crimson, striped yellow. Requires to be strong to bloom; it is said to grow on exposed rocks. I have not bloomed this yet, though my plant is larger than others that I have seen in bloom. I think it wants more light.