This beautiful plant has from four to seven flowers on the stem, which is upright. Flowers in the sepals and petals are rich chocolate, barred with bright yellow, lip pure white, marked at the base with rosy purple or pink. In this species the lip is shaped something like the lip of a Laelia, but in most of the other species it is flat if. Clov)"sii. Growth like the last. Flowers on a flexuous stem, with from four to ten flowers two and a half inches in diameter. Sepals and petals chocolate and yellow; lip flat, white, with a purple base. Blooms in October and is very graceful. There are several other beautiful species of Miltonias, but they are rare. The blooms of all kinds of Miltonia are very easily effected by water, and it is best to remove them when in bloom to a cool dry place, taking care not to let any water fall on the blooms in watering them. If the flowers are kept dry they will remain good three weeks.