Of a new edition of this work a recent notice tells us:

"Illustrations for a re-written and beautifully illustrated edition of this book are now being drawn in black and white by some of the best artists m London and Paris. These illustrations will show some of the results already obtained, and suggests what is possible with many types of vegetation. This book is written in the interest of the most charming phase of picturesque gardening, and we should be greatly obliged to any persons interested in such for permission to see any photographs or sketches showing beautiful flower life in a wild or semi-wild state. What is wanted are not portraits of individual flowers, but wreaths, fringes, or colonies of them as they arrange themselves in a wild state, or are permitted to do so in the garden. American readers would also greatly oblige by letting us know if any photographs are obtainable showing flower life in the Northern, Eastern, Western, or Pacific States".