Could you or some of your subscribers inform me about growing Nertera Depressa. This pretty little plant with its creeping, slender, dense stems like veins, is worthy of attention. I have tried to grow it under different treatments, but have not succeeded well any way. Mr. J. B. Bjorklund, of Hampton, Va., recommended it as a bedding plant. I bedded a few out of doors, but they soon burned out entirely in the hot, dry, exhausting atmosphere here. Again, I attempted to grow it in a moist shady house. It grew well enough for a while, but some of the plants soon began to drop off, while others stopped growing. I judge it to be indigenous to some cool humid climate. Think if well grown in a good sized pan, it would make a splendid thing for exhibition.

It would be well if all our confreres would impart to each other, what they know and find out accidentally about plants. We soon would become wiser and pay more attention to certain classes of plants, and the cultivation of many would be more popular, as in other parts of the world.