C. W. Westbrook & Co., Wilson, North Carolina, write: "I mail you a specimen each of Harris' Winter, Lady Parham and Baldwin's late Peaches, all free stones. The Harris is a new Peach and ripened last year the 1st of November. It is just now coming in and will last a month. It is frostproof, never fails to bear, has large flowers, very productive and keeps well, has been kept until Christmas. How do you think it will do for the South, for market? Will it do well in your market? The Baldwin and Lady Parham are nearly gone. Both ripened last year middle of October".

[These were medium sized Peaches, with dry firm flesh, and would no doubt be excellent keepers. Where there would be a profitable demand for Peaches at Christmas, such a late character would be very valuable. - Ed. G. M].