"Our Chromo." - If our readers will only wait patiently tell next month, we think they will be pleased with a present we shall make them. It is not generally known that we started the chromo gift business. We cannot find out new customers, but each one of our readers knows his neighbor, and can easily introduce our magazine. So we wished to make our acknowledgements by a present, and determined to give each something handsome for the good services in our behalf. So we started the chromo - not '"true copies of Love-in-a-mist, " or what's his name " In-a-bush, " and which "the receiver could not buy for five dollars, " but which was generally sold in the end for a half cent per pound, " all ma'am that sich paper is bringing now, " but something that may be considered, if so chosen, a part and parcel of the work. Of course those who come in " at the eleventh hour, " and get no subscribers for us under this system, get paid as well as those who endure "the heat and burden of the day, " and make the publisher smile as he reads "with my subscription, on this occasion, I take pleasure in adding one for my neighbor;" but then we have good example for this generous treatment, and feel that we have at least a right to expect to say, " thank you" besides, and those who don't send fail to get this.

But - well, Sinclair promises to put forth his best efforts on our "chromo, " and good reader be patient, and wait, and see.