Pyrus rivularis. Doug. It seems to be figured with the incorrect name of Pyrus coronaria in the report of the Department of Agriculture, 1870, p. 414. (See cut. Fig. 1, herewith). Dr. Vasey, in his report on the Forest Trees of the United States, in the report for 1875, describes it as a"small tree, ranging from California northward into Alaska. The fruit is of the size of a cherry,of an agreeable flavor, and used, particularly in Alaska,by the natives of the country for food".

In Washington Territory, according to a pamphlet by Mrs. Stuart (1875), " the Crab apple in many localities forms orchards on the prairies, Its presence is an indication of good soil. The wood is hard and tough, and the fruit well Savored".

Has this tree been fruited or planted on this side of the Rocky Mountains ? Has the closeness of its relationship to other species of the apple been tested by budding or grafting one upon the other? Has it more hardiness than other species in endurance of cold, etc. ? Does it promise by such a process of amelioration as the Siberian Crab is now going through to be-some a valuable fruit ?

Fig. 1.

Oregon Crab Apple 28

The Upper Figure In The Engraving Is The Pyrus