The idea so persistently urged for so many years that fruit trees, flowers and vegetables, should be patented does not seem to have many advocates now since we showed how impossible it was that any official at Washington could possibly decide one fruit from another. Since then a new plan is urged, that only the name be patented or protected. Thus, a man pretending to sell Concord grapes would have to show that he had a right to sell grapes called Concord grapes. Every fair-minded man desires that those whose luck or whose skill improves our gardens should be well rewarded, and which is seldom the case now. We are giving a series of papers by Mr. Glen on the newer suggestions, without endorsing them, but asking for them the consideration which the importance of the subject demands. Mr. Glen has no more interest in this matter than any other horticulturist; and whether his vews shall be found practical or not, he should have everybody's thanks for the thought and work he is giving the subject.