In England Peaches will only ripen their fruit when the trees are trained against a sunny wall or fence. Great care and skill are required in this training, or the parts nearest the ground would be soon bare of young wood, from which alone the Peaches come. The branches are trained fan-fashion, and so directed by the trainer that under no circumstances would one branch cross another, no matter how far they grew. The following from the Garden gives an account of a fine one so trained;

"A Peach tree at Sunbury Park measures twenty-two by twenty-two feet, equal to 484 square feet.. Suppose we allow an average of eight to a square foot, the result would be 3872, or 322 dozen Peaches. An Elruge Nectarine in the same house covers 225 square feet, and carries 150 dozen splendid Nectarines. The trees are about fourteen years old, and pcrfect specimens of good cultivation. In the same range there are two large vineries, the crops in which are equally good".