As we surmised m our last, Prof. Burrill was likely to be misunderstood as he himself explains in the following note. The very careful examination of pear blighted branches by Prof. J. Gibbons Hunt, showing the presence and action of fungi, as already detailed in our pages, could not have escaped Prof. Bur-rill's attention, and we feel sure that he must have meant to favor that view :

" I send you the article to which you refer in your March number under the title Fungi and Disease, page 87. I see your quotation is not far wrong, but reference was made to the species named in the article not being definitely proved to be the cause of the death of the limbs. Further, I meant to state that we did not know the mode of action and special effect of any species upon these trees, whether named or not. I have little or no doubt but that the disease is in some way due to fungous parasites. Am continuing the search".