The Pennsylvania State Board of Agriculture is doing good work regarding the collection of statistics of the State. Secretary Edge, in his July blanks, called for information regarding what each respondent would, from his own knowledge, regard as the three best Apples of three seasons, not particularly as market fruit but for personal use. The following are the responses:


E. Harvest, 192

Red Astrachan, 124

Bough, 50

Townsend, 18

Benoni, 10

Douse, 6

Red Streak, 6

Caleb, ' 4


Maiden's Blush, 104

Smoke House, 94

Rambo, 70

Queen, 64

Fallawater, 54

Gravenstein, 18

York Imperial, 10

Wine Sap, 8

Doctor, 6

Strawberry, 6

Vanclevor, 6

Porter, 6

Fame use, 4


Baldwin, 118

R. I. Greening, 98

N. Spy, 78

Smith's Cider, 42 Rox. Russett, 40 KingofThompk.

County, 40

Seek-no-further, 38 Romanite, 18

Swaar, 8

Spitzenberg, 8

Fen Davis, 4

Newtown Pippin, 4 Ridgo Pippin, 4 Rome Beauty, 4

These lists arc extremely useful. They do not, of course, show that the most popular kinds, as shown by the number of votes arc the best. Perhaps hundreds of those voting for Early Harvest, Maiden's Blush, or Baldwin, never heard of Fame-use, Ben Davis, or Ridge Pippin, and those or some others might, perhaps, be as good as the best. But if one wants to plant something that is pretty good, and is willing to risk their not being perhaps the very best, he will not go far wrong in taking up with the popular favorites.