Geo. G. B., St. Joseph, Mo., writes: " I have tried to preserve a flower of Cereus grandiflorus in alcohol diluted with an equal quantity of water; but the result did not prove satisfactory. The bloom dissolved somewhat, turned into a bad yellow color. Could you inform me of a better recipe, how to keep this beautiful ephemeral flower? I would feel many times obliged. I was very glad to read your instructive traveling observations, of Paris, as of said places I am very familiar. I hope we shall hear more from you about the Jardin des Plantes, etc. I am not aware whether you saw the splendid Park of Maison-sur-Seine, on the railroad line to Rouen, which is considered one of the prettiest places around Paris".

[Perhaps the alcohol was not as good as it should be; for usually the flowers keep very well. - Ed. G. M].