L., Pittsburg, Pa., writes:"I am thinking of setting out two hundred cherry trees for profit this Fall; what variety would you recommend me to use ?"

[The only answer we can give, would be to note the kinds that sell best in the market intended for them. As a general rule, the Early Richmond is a very profitable cherry; but if the people you propose to sell to want eating cherries, there will be little sale for these. Very few persons succeed at fruit-growing by going into it in a blind way. It generally grows by degrees, and in fact the market is seen, or the grower has some distinct idea of where and what will be wanted before he plants. Judging from your inquiry, you will not make out much with your venture, and in kindness would suggest that you plant only twenty instead of two hundred the first year, and in the meantime look around and see what kinds are in demand in the places where you think you may sell, after you get the crop ready. - Ed. G. M].