M., Newark, Ohio, writes:"There is a dispute among our fruit-growers as to the best time to prune out the Raspberry canes that have done hearing. Some say as soon as you have picked the last fruit; others, not till"Winter or Spring. What is the practice in the East ? and which is the best ?"

[Theoretically, if the old branches are cut away, there will be more"air and light," and perhaps "food," for the rest; but in practice no •special benefit is found. Indeed, in some respect, injury seems to result. The winter is often very severe on the"canes. The wind whistles through and dries out the sap. To some small degree the branches of the old canes help to break the force of the wind, and so far protect the young canes. We think, on the whole, there is nothing gained either way. The practice here, abouts is to cut away after the fall of the leaf or towards Spring. - Ed. G. M].