We have repeatedly given instances of the rapid growth of timber, as opposed to the popular impression, and are glad to insert the following, which we find in a Western paper. We are particularly glad to republish it, as Mr. Schofield deserves great credit for what he has done to stimulate timber-planting in the West:

" Mr. D. C. Scofield, of Elgin, I11., from trees planted since he was 50 years old, has produced the timber to build himself a fine house. In this he has taken pride to finish it with elegant wainscoting, and finishing lumber from some twenty-rive varieties of the most valuable hard and soft wood grown by himself. It was not the actual necessity for timber that induced this, for the country about Elgin, on the Fox river, is well wooded and contains ample timber even for firing purposes. Mr. Scofield, many years ago, was thoroughly alive to the necessity of timber growing in the West, and he has shown that a man past middle age may rear noble trees, even of the slow growing sorts, while yet he remains a hale and hearty man".