A Philadelphia correspondent writes:

"The Potato bug has again begun its ravages. Cannot the Academy of Natural Sciences investigate its habits and devise some cheap and sure remedy? A soapy compound of crude petroleum might answer. A strong decoction of Tobacco steins has no effect - I have tried it. It is a very important matter, and well worthy of your notice".

[There is really nothing needed beyond Paris green. In the writer's own experience, it is mixed with very fine ashes, in the proportion of twenty to one. A Tomato-can with holes in the bottom like a grater, with the cover on the top and a long pole to keep it from the operator, is all the machine. An acre can be dusted in a few hours at a trifling expense. The writer's crop swarmed with the vermin as soon as the plants were above ground. The dose has been twice applied. At this writing (June 15th) it is impossible to see a more promising looking lot of plants. It is a poison, of course, but in careful hands there need be no more trouble with it than with gun-powder or lucifer matches. - Ed. G. M].