Thoughtlessly, while writing last month, we gave Acacia Farnesiana as the probable tree, which, as we are kindly reminded by a. correspondent, is a native of the New World.. If we had referred to works, instead of trusting the memory, as we ought to have done, it would have saved us the mistake. That an Acacia really existed in Egypt seems to be proved by the researches of Braun, as recently translated from the German in the Gardener's Chronicle. Bruce, in his Travels, remarks that "the Acacia in the The bard seems to be the only indigenous tree." Dr. Shaw, another Eastern traveler, speaks of the Acacia as growing in Arabia Pe-traea, and suggests that it may be the Shittim Wood. As we knew the Acacia grew there, and that it agrees with accounts of the wood, it is probably correct that the Acacia Nilotica, or Acacia vera, of Wildenow, is the real Shittim.' Wood.