The South Park Commissioners of Chicago have refused further appropriations for keeping up the Botanic Gardens, for the reason as stated that these grounds made no show for the expense incurred. As though, an Arboretum, or a system of botanic specimens intended to illustrate the botany of a country, or the world, was expected to make a display merely to catch the eye. In consequence, the work already done and the specimens on hand will be lost. The decision of the Commissioners is meeting with general reprehension, especially since the amount of money spent has been comparatively small, mere nothing in comparison to the immense sums of money spent in making drives in the parks, of advantage only to those who can afford to drive their splendid equipages. It is to be hoped the Commission will reconsider their decision, although much damage has already taken place. The English people are not so much afraid of expense where real utility is to be gained. The Kew Botanic Gardens and grounds of England, cost yearly $113,000, while only $170,000 is yearly expended on St. James Green and Hyde Parks. These are respectively the finest of their kinds in the world.

The expense of keeping up some other noted public grounds in England is as follows : Regent's Park, $50,000; Victoria Park, $40,000; Kensington Gardens, $30,000; Richmond Park, $14,000; Hampton Court Grounds, $10,000, and Hampton Court Park, $4,700. - Prairie Farmer.