Gr. B. G., Manchester, York Co., Pa., writes:"Will you be kind enough to answer the following queries through the March number of The Monthly : How and when are the following trees grafted, and what kind of stocks are used for the different varieties ? Is the operation performed in the same manner as for fruit trees ? Such as the finer varieties of Japanese Maples, Weeping Beech, Elm, Ash, Willow, etc.; also the new-Japanese Persimmon. Your answer to the above will much oblige".

[The Japan Maples are grafted on Acer striatum, the Moose or striped bark maple; Weeping Beech on either the European or the American species; the Elm on any species; they intergraft one with another. So also with the Ash, but the European makes the best stock. The Goat Willow is the best stock for Willows; and the common Persimmon does well for the Japanese varieties. They"take" by either cleft or whip grafting, just as fruit trees do. - Ed. G. M].